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Little Green Acorn

Since the little vintage copper bead caps I used to use are now impossible to find (I’ve been searching for months and months!), I searched for other caps in the same size (for months, again!).

I finally found some in a lovely raw brass color with a cute dotted pattern!



Not the same, but totally as cute, right? hehe

You can now get yours in the SHOP! :)

And if green is not your color, you can choose one from the other acorn style necklace in either blue speckled, pink speckled, orange speckled, red and faceted green! :)


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Ahhh Autumn!

Ahhh Autumn! I’m so glad it is!

Love the colors, love the fresh air, love wearing scarves! lol :)

For the occasion, I decided to offer a discount on my Autumn Necklace (also know as the little acorn, meaning now it’s at $18, your choice of color! YAY!

This offer is from Sept. 22nd to 28th. No promo codes, no revised invoices, just pop in and get it!

Buy it, blog it, talk ’bout it! I made plenty! :)


Talking ’bout wearing scarves and Fall fashion, I got this fabulous new little jacket last week that I loooove so perfect for autumn, and have been getting systematic nice comments on it! Ain’t it nice?

My new coat

My last trip to the 14+ store was really great, by the way!

First, they had just received all the new Fall items (which is a problem for my wallet because I was going in for jeans only, since that’s all I wear, and then all new styles where calling me over!).

And second, they had many new quality jeans (Mavi, Love&Legend, Pashu, etc.). Granted, they cost a lot more, I’m not used to paying $100+ for jeans, but boy do they fit well! Even the Mavi‘s were MADE for +size, not just bigger regular styles, which by the way, never fit well at all. Having MXM available is great, but one needs a little choice, ya know?

So I ended up going home with a pair of Pashu’s and that lovely coat! YAY! :)

Anyone else been doing some Fall shopping?


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Acorn Mania

I used to make some cute acorn necklaces with some awesome chartreuse green beads and awesome coppery bead caps, but they sold out this weekend! I loved doing them so much!

Thankfully, nature-lovers can still have access to these new comers I made last night, and with a choice of color too! Weeee! :)

I recently purchased some bigger chartreuse green beads, hopefully they will fit under these new caps… To be followed!


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WOW! I’m in love with this Orchid necklace from Nervous System! Made out of layers and layers of plastic (39 to be exact), it’s a 3D piece of art if you ask me!! Exploring materials at it’s best!


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New at Nea

It was a very productive weekend I just had! Came up with new styles, from sweet to edgy, that are now listed in the shop! So check them out! :)

I will also be listing later this week some black and red versions of my Romantika Necklace featuring a ribbon pendant!

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New Nea Jewelry!

It’s Xmas season in Nea‘s shop!

As well as having an ad for the Deploy Earrings in the Modish Gift Guide and in the IndieFixx Gift Guide, I updated the shop in the last few weeks with fresh new and stylish jewelry for her! Perfect gifts for your loved one or best friend!

(I am also working on 1 or 2 simple men’s necklaces too, soon in the shop hopefully!)

Check it out! :)

Also, I bought a little mannequin for some hard to figure out necklaces, what do you think of those new style of pictures? And the ones with the branch? I thought I’d try new photography styles! :)


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