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} Shade on Shape

Oh, the power of a pop of color in a monochrome room! Sure, the tone on tone or black&white color ideas have their power and benefits, BUT I’m a fan for color (my living room IS turquoise, after all.), and mostly great color combos. Call it an ex-graphic designer default setting, perhaps…

Shade on Shape‘s emphasis is all about simple yet powerful (thru color) home objects. Vibrant pops! :)


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} Atelier D

I truly adore Atelier D! (Even blogged about it before) It all has a sense of aesthetics that is SUCH my style! Plus, it’s from Montreal (hello, home!).

Jonathan’s material of choice is plywood but also acrylic, and he turns them into anything from clocks to pencil boxes to coasters. Inspired by the minimalist Swiss architecture movement, there is very much of a geometric aspect in his work, which I totally love as you probably can imagine.

Go check it out! :)


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} Dubina

Here I am, fan of pottery. Handmade or machine made, vintage or brand spankin’ new, oldschool or contemporary, I love it all.

Clare Dubina found a fabulous way to mix it all together in a show stopping result: upcycling vintage stoneware into new modern vessels. I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE. Know it. lol :)

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} Oelwein

Today’s shop is called Oelwein, but it should be called everything-is-so-cute-that-you-wont-be-able-to-resist, or maybe also called CUTENESS-CENTRAL. Haha!

From triangles to water drops and clouds, from trays to bags and cards, a little something is waiting for everyone. Screenprinting at it’s best artful outcome! :)

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} Nicole Porter

Talk about flashy perfect color combos! Nicole Porter‘s wood vessels are turned from single planks, then painted and sealed with non-toxic film. Perfect fruit bowls or serving platters, yeah?

And those spoons could totally be hung on an art wall (seriously considering it…)! SO PRETTY! :)

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} Vitrified

With a passion for making simple utilitarian objects, Shelley of Vitrified Studio created fabulous ceramic and stoneware pottery pieces that will fit any kitchen or dining room.

I love the organic shapes, low key colors and practical quality of everything from this Portland shop! GO! :)

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} Pottery And Tile

Recently discovered Pottery And Tile while doing an Etsy search names “watering can”. Talking of which her little ones are of the cutest kind!

My favorite thing about this shop is that she seems to have a perfect handle on color. Just like in that set of bowls called “Rainbowls”. AWW! Gotta love that kind of name! :P

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} Pedro Mealha

Young designer Pedro Mealha knows his plywood.

He offers mostly cool looking clocks (with little coo coo birds, yeah!), but the deer trophy head is just stunning! WANT!

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} Manos

Someone shared this video on Twitter (the beauty is created by Oscar Liedgren), and I fell in love with Karin Eriksson’s (Manos Pottery Studio) work all over again!

You’ve probably seen her work around the web in the past several years, if you’re even remotely interested in anything clay. But it’s even more awesome paired with these images of her working her art!

Inspiring! :)

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} Teak Frenzy

This weekend, I went to a local (huge) interior flea market, and totally fell in love with this teak box. Turns out, seller was stubborn about price, so I left it there.

Since, I’ve been dreaming of vintage teak. Obviously, vintage teak furniture is not always as easy to find (and not as easy to handle for the wallet…), but you can still find your fix in smaller, more affordable, objects.

A quick search on Etsy had me find these awesome items… And I might just be crazy for showing them to you guys instead of buying them right now. Oh well! :)

Click on the photos to be taken to the shops selling these gems!

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} Greenery Design

French architect Patrick Nadeau likes to work with greenery when designing. His pieces are a blend between useful object and artistic design. What he suggests enhances plants and living beings, while keeping the object very present in the mix. Loving it!

Via } Design For Mankind

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} Tokyo Craft Studios

At Tokyo Craft Studios (situated in, of course, Japan), you can find simple yet precisely designed objects.

From porcelain planters to sculptural assemble-yourself laser-cut wooden vases, there’s a perfect in there for everyone! Or, treat your own self. It never gets old. lol ;)

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} Ingleside

Over at Ingleside, they create pottery pieces, while clearly thinking about nature. Suspended planters for moss and air plants, I like.

Contact the seller for out of the US shipping quotes! :)

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} La Firme

La Firme, based in Montreal, dables into anything from object to architecture.

I had seen that folding chair somewhere around the web before, but how AWESOME is that BBQ lamp huh!? And the custom wooden bike… I have no words! :)

Via } Design Milk


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} Culinarium

Geez! I’m totally in a concrete phase again. Such a beautiful material for any modern looking space!

Here is some products offered by Culinarium! The name says it, the shop is leaning towards the kitchen, or food related wares. HOT!

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