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} Liscious

Ok. It’s official. I fall in love everyday.

With something handmade, that is. ;)

Everything in Studio Luscious‘ shop (from Ontario, Canada) makes me weak in the knees. From the awesome awesome branch hooks, to the so cute birdfeeders, to inlayed walnut end tables.

Oh, did I say I love the hooks? I mean, I love the hooks… The hooks are awesome… Ok, ’nuff said! hehe



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Material Fusion

Mixing textures and materials in sometimes unexpected ways, that’s part of what I love to do! And I love to see others do it as well.

Therefore, I adore seeing Nesting Emily, from Ontario, work the materials together with aesthetics. Adding felt and yarn to her beautiful simply carved pottery, she gives her pieces a uniqueness that everyone notices.

Want more? Check out her Flickr! (That’s where I found out about her work!!)


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