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} Theme Fragrance

This is the 2013 version of I’m-buying-this-CD-just-because-I-like-the-cover.

The Theme Fragrance shop is filled with products in beautiful packaging, and tempting scents. Designs are clean and crisp, the colors fit well the announced smells.

Seeing that, it’s not much of a surprise that the owner, E. Morrison, is a RISD graduate and photographer, but she went into the perfume world blind and self-taught herself her now mastered skills!


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} Inkkit

Inkkit is a little shop, full of little items, but that makes you wanna buy a lot.

Most of the shop is filled with packaging supplies, from sequin ribbon to envelopes and stickers. And also cutesy items, like gold tip twig pencils (How CUTE.) and tiny painted rocks. Plus, pictures are gorgeous, I can’t even stop looking around!

Plan on restraining yourself, or be prepared to splurge! lol :)

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} Tape It

I recently bought this tape from Petty Tape, and fell in love with it! It was hard to keep myself from buying a dozen, so I’m sharing! :)

Also loving these little chevron paper bags! How cool!

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Box Me Up

I am in total love with these cute little embroidered boxes by Papermode!

Wouldn’t the next small gift you offer look hot in this? :)


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