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} Classic By Nature

Classic by Nature is the works of 2 local (Montreal) ladies, Mélanie and Valérie. They offer (mostly, but not only) pillows, with very graphic symbols: some from nature, some from geometric shapes, and others from everyday objects. Popping colors all hand printed or stitched onto canvas, all at affordable prices!

Ah Montreal, you have such a huge pool of creative awesome people! :D


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} White Nest

I’m loving this little White Nest shop, because it offers a little bit of everything (stitched wall art, intricate cushions, geometric jewelry) but at the same time, everything goes so well together!

Fabulous color combos, great textures, wonderful details. And nice photos! And that’s for every single piece. HEART! :)

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} Miniboux

Over in France, a little company named Les Miniboux is making us indulge in the cute side of life. Symbols and shapes are treated as rock stars and displayed on a ton of different useful objects (pillows, moleskines, bags, brooches, prints).

Sweeten up your Monday and check it out! :)

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} Lile Sadi

Lile Sadi (Holland) is about Dinah’s quest to bring pureness and calm to chaotic everyday life.

This little new shop offers a small collection of screen printed pillows and art prints inspired mostly by nature. Let’s hope for more great items soon, cause everyone will just love it! :)

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Pillow Talk

Hand block stamped Blooms pillow pair, by NestaHome.

A great looking pillow can always make a living room look more fabulous and cozy!

There’s so much to choose from out there, but here are some of my top picks! :)

Recycled fur flower pillow, by Coatcheck.

Silk retro tree feather pillow, by Atticwear

Number bolster pillows, by The Shabby Nest.

Yellow cardinal rectangle pillow, by Joom.

Home hemp and kapok pillow, by Enhabiten.

Smoochie pillow, by Robinseggpink.

Bamboo shoots pillow pair, by Pabrika.

Miki pillow cover, by Maramiki.


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