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} Waterstone Succulents

This is for those of you who like the idea of having plants, but for who the green thumb doesn’t seem to stick around long enough for them to survive your presence. lol!

Waterstone Succulents basically offers succulent plants as sculptures, container included. From white to gold to silver, even offered in a couple of neon colors, you wont have to worry about watering, promise! :)


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} Joey Roth

In the world of planters, you will find all kinds of pots and colors and shapes and sizes. No problem there.

If you’re a not-so-green thumb, and are one to forget to water your plants in a not-too-often-but-often-enough manner, you’re in trouble. Your plants might be pretty in their fabulous planters, but they just wont water themselves.

Sure, you can add a watering bulb, but it kills the overall aesthetics of your plants… (I’m sorry, but all the ones I’ve seen are just not cute. If anyone found some stylish ones, I’ll gladly discover them! Comment with a link!) ;)

So, Joey Roth created a planter that feeds itself (for a while, anyway). The unglazed earthenware used is porous, which means that the water you put in the middle will automatically transfer to the soil when needed. And since the planter is all the same material and color, it doesn’t destroy the look! WANT! ($45USD pre-order)

Check out his website for more pictures, and more products (like this fab teapot, seen under!).

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LBRANDterraria offers these wonderful glass globes featuring air plants, moss, rocks, sand, figurines!

Beautiful little modern worlds you can get your thoughts lost into as you gaze for hours! Just perfect since winter is lurking around the corner and green will become white… Here in Montreal anyway! :)

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How great are these block plant houses from Erde Designs?

Made from all kinds of different woods like oak, cedar and even some reclaimed, they are perfect for little greens like cacti, succulents, herbs… even candles (but not at the same time as plants! Ouch! lol).


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Plantable Papers

I just found out about these oh-so-pretty plantable cards from Porridge Papers.

Apparently many people KNOW about plantable papers embedded with seeds, that are usually not good looking, but it’s the first time *I* ever even heard about it existing!

Plus these are oh-so-not ugly and letterpressed with a cute design and font. I would totally send these with a sweet note! A card that actually grows into something pretty and yummy, now that’s wonderful!

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