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} Honeycomb

The letterpressed BE Series of posters by Honeycomb Print Shop are a little gem find! Be Real, Be Creative, Be Bop (lol!), Be the Change, Be Ready. Choose your favorite and hang it proud!

Or, have yours custom made so you can be the Be that you really want.

Also, cool little notebooks! ;)


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} Edu Barba

A bit of geometry, a but of typography, a bit of color, and then you get Edu Barba, offering really big posters (oh yeah) at affordable prices (double yeah!) of very graphic visuals, intricate shapes and wise words. I’m so in!

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} Eve Sand

Eve Sand offers these Japan inspired digital art prints that are visually attention grabbing.

Colors are the definitely the stars of each design: perfect combos, perfect shades. Plus, you can get the regular 8.5x11in prints in 11×14 or 13×19. Could be the focus point that you were looking for, for that room you just painted! :)

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} Adam Juresko

You know when you used to have tons of your favorite posters of your favorite movies on the wall? Well, I guess that’s not much of an adult trend now is it?

Think of Adam Juresko next time you’d like to do that, but with a more artsy feel. Revisited classics (but also more current movies) are seen thru his eyes to give you a more unique vision of those movies.

I also really love his other work, seen on his website here! :)

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} Mugshot

When you think “vintage”, you probably don’t think photography. Especially if you’re aiming for “vintage decor”.

Over at Larken (a graphic designers and architects collaborative), they make it work, tho! They offer reproductions of vintage official police department mugshot negatives, which can be displayed (can I say “proudly”? lol) on your walls! :)

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At Promopocket, you’ll find digital art prints, from photography to typography and also graphic design! I love the clean look of these posters, super modern and very graphic!

They also offer design services for Etsy sellers, from digital banners to business card design.


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Eva Juliet

Montrealer Eva Juliet offers prints with positive messages and beautiful graphics and illustrations. Typography is given lots of importance in them, too!

English versions also available, but obviously, I suggest the French ones! :)

Pretty & soothing!


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Make Do & Mend screen print, by Bold And Noble.

Be bold and display these typography stuff proudly around your home! Gotta love shouting without having to shout. :)

Tea letterpress poster, by New North Press.

Hi, by The Love Shop.

By Order of the Management prints, by John W Golden.

Big Breakfast Tea Towel, by MrPS.

Oh, and if you love that cup by Rob Brandt as much as I do, find it on Generate (free ship!!).

Drink Wine on recycled card stock, by Nicodemusgreen.

Hope Plaster Wall Word, by Kuber.

Original ABC Love, by Jennifer Ramos.

Customizable Typography Tee, by EnzymePress.


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Read it Right

I’m loving these optometrist-like posters and card sets with inspiring and eye-opening (lol) sentences! From ohkayk.

Gotta also love this postcard, from BecauseStudio:

Lol!! :)


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The English Language

Poster by Michael Ciancio.

Via } A Browner Brown

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I do! I really do!

“I Love Nice People Who Make Cool Things” poster by Will Bryant.

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Here’s a limited edition print by sfettingis, size 30″x8″, a printed replica of an urban mural Sandra Fettingis actually painted in Chicago entirely made of dots.
I adore this idea of a super large poster on a wall, what a wonderful graphic statement for the office! Love!


Voici un imprimé en édition limitée par sfettingis, grandeur 30x8po, une réplique d’une oeuvre que Sandra Fettingis a vraiment peinturé à Chicago qui est entièrement créée de ronds.
J’adore l’idée d’un poster géant sur un mur! Une affirmation graphique sublime pour le bureau!

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Virtual Water

Virtual Water is a poster with very crucial information about hom much water is used to create everyday life products.

Did you know it takes 1000 litres of water to make ONE litre of milk? Incredible!!
You can also learn more about the waterfootprint of many countries.

As for price, 24 Euros! Very affordable!
Although if you live not in Europe, shipping will smack ya in the face! 27.80 Euros…
For a total of around $72 USD… Ouch…
Basically, if you live in Europe, lucky you! :)

The silhouette designs are simple and effective, right to the point but attractive; I love it! :)

Wish I could pay for a download and print in myself, to be able to afford it! I think I might just ask them if that’s possible!

Via } Non-Blog


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