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} Jump Off The Page

Jump Off The Page offers words of wisdom in the form of prints, along with a couple of drawn or woodburned art pieces. Simple, pretty colors, a little geometry once in a while, affordable prices, a winning combo!

Yes, I will roam if I want to. :P

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} Sketch Inc

For Sketch Inc, animals are neon colored, and live in geometric worlds. Ends up being colorful, eye catching and great brooches, prints and interactive art blocks! Love it all!

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} Cathy McMurray

In Cathy McMurray‘s work, worlds are created with textures and colors and shapes. Sometimes light and airy, sometimes bold and powerful.

Loving the little geometric touches and patterns here and there!

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} Tuesday Mourning

Tuesday Mourning does in portraits, fashion, typography, and well, cuteness.

I have a special affection for her penciled series: I love how you can almost see her drawing them live when looking at the pieces. Pencil, paint, digital manipulation.

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} Typographic Love

We Need Quiet Time, by Allicoate.

The Challenge, by SGArtDesign.

We Need to Sleep More, by Froschkind.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posters featuring typography and inspiring words these days. Had to share some before I go completely crazy and buy everything! :D

It Takes a Muscle, by fontlove.

Think Positive, by The Ink Society.

Be Present Every Day, by Groundwork.

Live For Today, by BreedingFancy.


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} Recipe in a Print

Lucile’s Kitchen is a little shop owned by, well, Lucile from Paris! She is an illustrator, and we could also say she has a passion for food and cooking and baking!

She draws and paints fabulous visual recipes, and sells examples in print for all to enjoy! How perfect for any kitchen, right?

And if recipes are not your thing (aka you prefer to just eat lol), there are some non-recipe prints as well, like the one on “macarons”. But CAUTION! May cause addictions! :D

À la cuisine!!!


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With Zoe’s World, you get fashion, illustration and lifestyle all wrapped up in some awesome prints!

From “I Love Coffee and Louboutin” to “My Hot Cashmere” and “I Love Karl”, every fashionista who doesn’t take things too seriously will find a print to their liking and display it with pride! :)


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