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Blurb it

Have you heard of Blurb yet? I think everyone should know about Blurb. And not only because I like to say “Blurb”. lol!

I have heard of Blurb a while ago now, and wanted to talk to you about it once I had my own “blurbish” project in mind. But since I have no clue yet, I figured everyone would be better off just knowing about Blurb right away.

First of all, because even talking about the product, I love love love their identity, logo and complete branding. The website is attention grabbing yet does not scream, the actual color scheme is perfect but still leaves place for new ones in the future. Everything is right at it’s place and the navigation goes by easily!

Now, the product. Ever dreamed of making you own professional looking cookbook, portfolio, photo book, poetry or wedding book? Well, it’s possible, even at affordable prices! Hardcover or softcover are available, starting at 20 pages. Download the free bookmaking software (PC & Mac), gather your info and you are ready to go! You even CAN order just one book if you’d like!

If you just like buying book, head down to the Bookstore! There you’ll find hundreds of books made from people like you and me who just had a dream! You can sample preview them before purchasing, which will confirm your move!

One book I am dying to buy is Etsy seller LushBella‘s Blurb book, I Spy. It just looks like the perfect coffee table book, and I love Kerry’s photography work!

So now, you know all the basics of Blurb. What do you think? Do you have a Blurb book? Do you want to make one? What’s your project?

I still have to find my idea, but I will, eventually…



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