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} Overdo

I’m one of the big bags fans, to enable my carrying of a ton of stuff, from book to sunglasses to umbrella to camera to big wallet to… Well, stuff.

But these mini little purses by Overdo are making me revisit that status. They are just too-cute-to-be-true.

GIANT SEQUINS. Nothing more to say. :)

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Definition of Self

There’s a new bag lust spot in web-town!

Gotta be thrilled about Definition of Self‘s strappy designs if you like denim or cotton canvas, neutrals or pops of colors and perfect medium sized bags! Of course, there are tons of inside pockets and little hiding spots for your everyday stuff too!

Go on and pick something simple-chic for your next day out in the sun!


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Cha Cha

Cha Cha, from Toronto, makes some of the most prettiest bags I’ve seen in a while! The shop is just full of fabulous leathers and shapes, metal buckles and studs, fabulous handles and straps!

Can’t afford the real deal? That’s OK! Go on to Cha Cha Samples for discounted 100% functional samples, one of a kinds and old stock!


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