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} Boarding School

Like to doodle? Well, here’s Boarding School, a shop where you’ll find what you need.

Made from recycled or reclaimed wood, these sturdy books (also available as moleskine covers) are definitely an aesthetic statement, as well as a practical purchase! Have them size customized to your heart’s desires, too. :)

Plus, hellooooo perfect logo and branding.

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} Ekra

I’ve always wanted a crocheted rug made from recycled fabrics. They are simple, can match any decor, and very durable!

Ekra offers a ton of pretty ones, in many different colors and patterns. I especially like those with the monogram: perfect for your pet, right? Will have one someday! :)

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} Blake Avenue

Ahhhh reclaimed wood, how I love you. Forever and ever.

The people at Blake Avenue surely has this exact same thought on a daily basis. Their wood is recovered from architecture that dates back 80 to 150 years and used to make long lasting stunning furniture pieces. Plus, when one says recycled, one also says unique one of’s.

Sure, you probably can’t afford a piece on a impulse purchase. But you can always dream, and even, plan a purchase for the future. :)

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} Rough South Home

Rough South Home‘s aesthetics almost makes me shiver of uncontrolled love. Yep, that much.

The man behind these pieces, Clarke, salvages materials to create furniture, accessories and lighting.

More to see on his website! :)

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} Tomate d’épingles

Felt like pimping my friends over at .tomate d’épingles. today! :)

They (my friend Guylaine and her sister Isabelle) offer jewelry (for men too!) made from recycled material: vintage ties and vintage printer’s films (topographic maps, as well!) are some of the materials they praise on!

Snoop around their shop for some more eco-friendly goodness!!!

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} Peg and Awl

Looking at my notepads, I realized one day that most of the info on there was for one time use only. A company number, a CMYK color code, the precise time the bus I had to catch would go by. And after that, the info would just exist, but not be used ever again. I thought there should be another solution that wouldn’t be wasting so much paper, and cut down the visual noise.

A long while back, I had discovered some Ceramic Memo Boards that I thought looked really cool (and useful)!

Recently, I found these little wooden chalkboards from Peg and Awl. Wowsa, instant loooove!! They are sold with a chalk pencil, in a trio ($56 USD), as well as in a single ($22 USD).

Browsing thru that shop again earlier, I realized they are also the ones selling that Tub Caddy I’ve been eying since I moved in my new place more than a year ago!

You’ll also find there other awesome items, such as bookends and cutting boards and spice racks! Sweet!!

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At Hazel & Hunter you’ll find wonderful spruced up vintage furniture you’ll fall in love with!

From right here in Montreal, Julie finds great shapes in chairs and benches and then runs to the studio to pair them with new fabrics to give them a new life! Also check out her wonderful pillows!


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What are hangeliers? Well, hangers + chandelier!

Made by Organelle out of Vancouver from salvaged hangers, these chandeliers outta make a conversation piece! They are true works of art and something you’ll love to look at for years and years!!


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Recycled fur hawtness

Thanks to my great friend Guylaine and her sister Isabelle of Tomate d’épingles, many new readers have arrived to my little blog here directly from their interview as featured sellers today on Etsy (YAY!!)!

So, hello, and welcome!!
For the occasion, I decided to put up a new banner on this blog! Do you like? :)

Also, I thought I’d show you some of Tomate d’épingles‘ new recycled fur rings series, ’cause they are HOT as hell, and I want them all, seriously!!

Check out their entire shop today tho, because they have added many other brand spanking new eco jewelry!!


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Deluxe Shoes

Hetty Rose, from the UK, is a handmade shoe designer. More than that, she recycles vintage unique kimono fabrics to create her pretties! Actually, you can choose your favorite shoe style and your kimono fabric to have the perfect combination!

So, if you are looking for colorful covers for your precious toes and have around $400 for it, what are you waiting for?

If you are like me and money is a problem, just dream about it then! ;)


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Handmade Xmas

YAY! My first Christmas tag cards are in my NeaBlossoms shop! Plus, they are promoting handmade for Xmas, too!

They are of course printed on 100% recycled paper, and they can be made with any holiday sentence you’d like, just contact me! :)

Let me know what you think! I hope you like them!!


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