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} Katsiki

Hailing from Germany, new Etsy seller Katsiki knows how to put a spin on part of my childhood memories: crayons! I still have a few boxes of multicolor wooden pencils, but rarely use them anymore… I know, sad. :(

Anyway, I love how Katsiki uses them to make colorful statement rings! Makes for a very fun conversation starter, no? Loving it!!

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Zoe and Doyle

I have looooved titanuim rings for years and years! They are slick and versatile, and if you love them too, there’s a shop I really suggest!

Hop over to ZoeAndDoyle and find what you’ve always wanted! Not only will you find the classic style of rings, but also fall in love with some mixed-media lovelies and even some colorful ones!


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Don Moti

If you want incredible, I’ll give you just that today.

Don Moti‘s little people rings are just unbelievably interesting and intriguing! When’s the last time a ring made people wanna look twice, right?

They are like little worlds for your finders, mixing delicate with powerful together to get fascinating little objects.

Gimme the whole collection, please! :D


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Someone please stop me

Hello there! I am back for some more blogging after a wonderful week of my 2yr Anniversary Sale and some creating of new products that will be revealed really soon! Blogging should become more frequent as normal now :)

So, I would ask someone to please STOP ME. Stop me, please. Please please please!

I am totally going nuts on these new rings by Adorn Jewelry. Nuts, I tell ya. I can barely resist not buying right now, I am physically struggling! Ah! there you go, I just slapped my hand.

Made out of sterling silver or silver plated, they feature faux moss. The “moss-revealed” ones (2nd pictures) even have a special introductory price at $22 right now, so if there is a time to not resist, it is NOW!

‘Nuf said, I might now be able to resist much longer…


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Concrete Rocks

Concrete Rocks! DUH! lol

Handmade out of concrete and stainless steel, these beauties, by 22 Design Studio from Taiwan, are available exclusively at DesignBoom for $43 and $49. Get ’em quick before they are all gone!

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Stack’em up!

At Soop‘s Etsy shop (UK), you’ll find a fun ring heaven! Made out of acrylic, in plenty of shiny or frosted colors, these nature animals and trees let you create you own little world. It’s at your fingertips!

I ordered a few yesterday. I can’t wait to make my own tree, white sheep and pink pig forest! lol

Also visit their website for some other wonderful product designs. They are soop-er cool! :)


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