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} Handarbete

I’ve been exploring some weaving in the past week! But you’ll have to be patient before seeing something concrete (unless you follow me on Instagram, then you might have already seen some teasers go by). I’ve had my vintage table weaver (Heddle loom) for like 5 years, just didn’t actually try it much before now.

Weaving definitely requires much patience, and also some planning beforehand, which makes me think of it a lot like my cross-stitch process, altho is it seen as a skill belonging in the knitting family.

That said, I’ve also been looking around to see other people’s skills in the matter, hence how I found out Handarbete (meaning “handicraft” in Swedish, love the name!). Wow.

Satoko Pettersson‘s skills and madly consistent and beautiful, and her color combinations are flawless. Her simple yet impactful patterns are also just a joy to look at. Totally yearning for a scarf now! :)


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} Coriumi & White Moth

Hailing from Lithuania, husband and wife team Inga and Arvydas form Coriumi.

Cute little pouches with geometric or splatters or tribal looking prints, leather or canvas or suede or linen. Gotta love it all, seriously!

Oh, and the duo doesn’t stop at that! In their other shop called White Moth, scarves are the honorable subject. Sometimes color popping, sometimes more subtle. There’s something for everyone over there! :)

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} Avalanche Looms

Handweaving is one of the skills that intrigues me the most. Mainly for the texture it creates, but also just for the sheer patience these artisans have in making their pieces. Geez! I have a table loom and have never actually used it. Hum… *brain activity* lol! Anyway.

Susan of Avalanche Looms definitely has the skills needed to do this right on her antique Norwegian barn loom. Color combos and texture LOVE!

Also, fun fact: the name “Avalanche” comes from the name of the town in Wisconsin where she lives. Population: 24! Yep, twenty four souls. hehe ;)


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Never Enough Scarves

I love scarves, I wanna buy tons! They are the perfect accessory for almost half of the year here in the cold! :)

Here’s so more handmade suggestions that have lots of flare!


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Time for Scarves

Ah! Finally! It feels like Autumn season over here in Montreal! Cool and rain… I don’t even mind the rain if it comes with cool! :)

And it’s of course time for warmer clothes and accessories too!

How about these beauuuutiful scarves from ElizabethsDesigns? Hand woven from hand painted yarn, they look so thick and comfy and stylish! Color choices are wondeful and perfect for Fall… I. Want. One.

They are wonderful pieces of art, if you ask me!

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DIY Braided Scarf

Oh wow! I want to try this badly!

The lovely Ah-Yi wrote a simple tutorial on how to do this on her blog, here. Tempting, ain’t it?

She also has a fabulous little Etsy shop called yuizdan168, packed with lovely and unique Gocco prints.

Via }

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Cold cold winter

It’s been really cold for a few days in Montreal. Yesterday I had many places to go, and I walked in -22c temperature (with wind factor, it was -31c felt teperature) to go everywhere. I literally froze my legs: when I was trying out jeans at the mall, I noticed parts on my thighs were swollen by frost bites! Oï!

With that said, I want to let you know about these wonderful scarves by adventuresofjr! They are all hand dyed cashmere and silk, handwoven in by 23yo Jessica Harrigfeld from Woodstock (NY) and come in the most awesome color combos! I’m in love! She also creates unique wrist gloves and hats and such, check it out!

By the way, they are Etsy‘s Featured Sellers right now, so you can read their interview here!

The weather forecast from Montreal is planning on +15c (YES, +++) next week, so I might have to let you know about available peep toe shoes! haha!

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