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} Oelwein

Today’s shop is called Oelwein, but it should be called everything-is-so-cute-that-you-wont-be-able-to-resist, or maybe also called CUTENESS-CENTRAL. Haha!

From triangles to water drops and clouds, from trays to bags and cards, a little something is waiting for everyone. Screenprinting at it’s best artful outcome! :)


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} Linea Carta

While Linea Carta offers a lot of lovely paper items, I got hooked on the screen-printed linens, which features simple yet cool screen-printed designs in the form of tea towels, aprons, napkins and coasters.

A sweet little touch of pretty for your everyday breakfasts! :)

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} Willow Ship

Willow Ship is the one woman show of former graphic designer Blake. With a soft spot for eco-friendly linen and screenprinting, she creates cocktail napkins and pillows with wonderful printed shapes and patterns. Colors are subtle, yet get noticed!

I think they are stunning and perfect for any hostess occasion, but then again, why not use awesomeness for your everyday self, right?!

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Screenprinted Fabrics, Mate

“Handprinted Linen Fabric” by maramiki (Chicago), $40 a yard.

I’ve been looking around on Etsy for fresh screenprinted fabrics, just cause they are always so pretty and inspiring to look at!

Turns out A LOT of the designers I found are from Australia! (What’s up with that? Will anyone pleaseee provide me with a link to their screenprinting pimp?? lol)

Hawt stuff, right mate? :)

“Bird in Paradise” by umbrellaprints (Australia), $12 for 4 pieces of 15cm X 10cm.

“Handprinted Linen/Cotton Fabric” by maramiki (Chicago), $40 a yard.

“meadow” by summersville (UK), $6.50 for 9.5in x 14in.

“Warm Grey Concentric Arrow” by moyou (Australia), $15 half a meter.

“Nesting Tomato on Birch” by AuntyCookie (Australia), $22 half a meter.

“fabric remnants (doll faces) pack” by mikodesign (Netherlands), $15.

“Woodland” by ofpaperandthread (Australia), $13 half a meter.

“Big Pack no.2” by hollabee (Australia), $13.50 for 2 pieces of 50cm x 65cm.


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