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} Olive Thomas

I was starting to wonder why so many handmade shoes came from Israel. Turns out, there is a shoe making and designing school there! How awesome!

Which brings me to Olive Thomas, a young lady from there. Printed shoes. HECK YEAH!! I also adore her classic shapes with a unique twist, and great color/leather combo choices, all available between sizes 5 to 10.5.

Gotta love it, right!? :)

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} Tamar Shalem

The craftsmanship of some artisans is sometimes so overwhelming to me!

It’s pretty much the emotion I had while stumbling into Tamar Shalem‘s shop. He offers beautiful handmade shoes and boots made of leather, and skill, and patience.

Sure, it’s not a Payless price tags. But honestly, it’s pretty much the same prices that you’d pay for a lot of the mass made leather shoes out there. Hence, there’s really no reason to deprive yourself of a pair! ;)

(Also, use the code “freeshippingww” at checkout, for, well, free shipping worldwide.)

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} Love Jules

Holy crap! I just fell in LOVE.

With Love Jules Leather Studio, to be precise.

Western Canadian Julie makes leather goodies look just so cool! Including boat shoes! OH! Perfect colors, perfect laser etching designs, perfect relaxed style. Handmade bliss. Lovin’ itttttt.

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} Ing00te

Are these felted slippers or shoes? It’s yours to decide since there’s a few soles option available over at Ing00te from Lithuania!

Used for these is Australian merino wool keeps your toes warm when it’s cold, and cool when the weather’s warm. Perfect! :)

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{ Handmade Shoe Lusts }

Two new handmade shoes finds that make you wanna forget the budget and just splurge forever! Not that they are expensive, just, you know, if you want them all, then a dozen pairs adds up…! hehe


– Made in TO dot! (aka Toronto)
– Ballerinas, mary janes, beachy
– Women, men & child
– Linen, hemp, canvas, cotton
– Between $35 and $55 USD

TUTO (below)

– Welcome to Miami!
– Sandals, wedges, thongs
– Women
– Leather, canvas, jute
– Between $20 and $50 USD


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Spiro Mocassins

You are gonna love these, shoes & handmade fans!

Spiro Creations offers great 100% handmade shoes and even boots! Leather, suede, rubber crepe soles, splashing colors, comfy for sure! Between $140 and $180.

Also check the shop for awesome leather scarves and belts!


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Shoe Lust

One good sign that Spring weather is soon to be seen, is that I start browsing around websites to look at shoes. Out with the snow boots, in with the cute shoes! Right ladies!?

I think I have a thing for pinks at Payless:

A thing for yellow at Old Navy:

And a thing for awesome ones I can’t afford at Piperlime:


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