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Zippered Laptop Sleeve, by byrdandbelle.

Sleeves for the laptop, that is! Way too hot for real ones. lol!

I’ve been considering getting an Acer Netbook (you know, those small laptop computers mostly for web browsing). I’ve been tied up to a computer box for always, and the thought of blogging or shopping on my balcony or in a wifi café or park just seems so liberating to me!

I haven’t decided for sure yet, but if I do, I soooo want a laptop sleeve!! Here are a few finds in that department! ;)

Fawn and Dotty Laptop Bag, by TrackandFielsDesigns.

Upcycled Coffee Bag Laptop Case, by labudde.

Crocheted Sleeve, by blackeyedsheep.

Laptop Sleeve, by sandrastju.

Laptop Envelope, by fernfiddlehead.


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