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} Sweet Caroline

Her name is Caroline Swift.

And I just feel like gently touching her wonderful porcelain pieces when I look at these…

And that made me think of this classic song from Neil Diamond.  I couldn’t help the little link here ;)

Not only her work is splendid (spoons, omg.), but her pictures are just stunning! Visual bliss.

Via } Mon Carnet – Eva Juliet


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Mudpuppy Spoons

You know I love Mudpuppy (blogged about before here), you know I love spoons (blogged about a few times here), and you know i loooooooove ceramics, so when I discover that Mudpuppy is now making ceramic spoons, my purchasing itch starts to act out again! And A LOT!

And let’s not forget the sweet new little ceramic mushrooms too, perfect for your terrariums! :)

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Most. Perfect. Spoons. Ever.

I am without much words. Made from recycled glass bottles. Just LOVE and WANT!

By Laurence Brabant, Cold Cuts Collection.

Via } Perrenia


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Kitchen Jewels

Gesine Hackenbeg uses kitchen table wear to make something completely different, from earrings to necklaces and spoons too. Now that’s re-purposing at it’s cutest!

Via } Bloesem


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Spoon Me

My latest obsession: spoons!

Yeah, I still get those obsessions, every week is different and subjects vary a lot! lol

Here are Caroline Gomez‘s porcelain spoons, the ones who actually started my interest in spoons weeks ago! This French artist does not currently sell online, but she totally should think seriously about it! I’m a taker, and after being featured on many design blogs (including the fab and o-so-big Design*Sponge!) in the past weeks, I’m sure she would have many more buyers than just myself! Follow her blog, maybe she’ll let us buy her work shortly, we never know! :)

Next up is Manitoba’s woodworking artist Barry Lee Loewen, aka canadianwoodcrafts on Etsy, who makes wonderful “Baby’s first spoons”, but who am I kidding!? My little jam jars NEED these spoons! lol

Plus, Barry is really a great person, super helpful and creative! I know this because I’ve worked with him on custom wooden buttons for my jewelry and he had plenty of great ideas and was a real sweetie! Thanks again Barry!

Off to Peek Keep for some awesome awesome and simplistic porcelain spoons from Toronto’s Coe & Waito. The purity of the shapes are just stunning, I’m litteraly craving for one! Coe & Waito just totally rocks tha house people, they have been featured on so many blogs for all they housewares, I can’t even make a list! I even talked about them before back in September

Peek Keep also holds many Coe & Waito items, search for them! :)

Last but not least, if you love spoons but don’t “need” some, consider this scented oil diffuser made with spoon and fork, from Toronto’s SixthandElm on Etsy! Ingenious, stylish and practical! Loves it! :)

Want more spoons? Check out the Spoon Group on Flickr!!

Mud Familly

Boy, this is an almost all Canadian post…!

This was not planned at all, but I guess the spoon love thing may be a Canadian thing also?! lol


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