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} Arminho

From Aztec style to botanical imagery, you’re notes will be safe with Arminho! Cool patterns and colors and prints for your precious doodlings and important to-do-lists.

Also, some cool canvas printed visual repertoires… Whale species, vintage cameras, seaweed varieties, framed with wood and hung with string: they will totally make a room!


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} Inkkit

Inkkit is a little shop, full of little items, but that makes you wanna buy a lot.

Most of the shop is filled with packaging supplies, from sequin ribbon to envelopes and stickers. And also cutesy items, like gold tip twig pencils (How CUTE.) and tiny painted rocks. Plus, pictures are gorgeous, I can’t even stop looking around!

Plan on restraining yourself, or be prepared to splurge! lol :)

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The Paper Apartment

Recycled chipboard, silver dippings, sweet handmade cuts, cute prints… What’s not to love in this great shop, The Paper Apartment?

And what a great name! I mean… yeah. ;)

Via } Decor8


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