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} AMradio

So that I would be stuck on mobiles, it would have to be very contemporary looking. And that’s exactly what Melissa of AMradio does.

Made out of plastic straws (Hum hello!? Brilliant.) or in brass in some cases, she creates beautiful intricate geometric lightweight mobiles (or Xmas tree ornaments, or plant hangers) that’ll fit any modern decor.

Her shop also offers many awesome vintage finds, such as there rustic looking wooden crates.


While you’re at it, check out her husband John’s shop too, Urban Brewery, which offers small kits (with instructions, of course) for those who want to explore making their own beer! Pretty awesome!!



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} Poppy and Pearl

Mason jars have been trending for a while now. Used obviously for canning, but also for pretty much anything else: lamps, candles and candle holders, decor… And drinking vessels!

Poppy and Pearl Co offers jars with specially made lids and straws to go with it. Super cute! I am especially fond of the ones with handles, been wanting some for a while now!

You can buy complete sets, or just some lids with straws if you already have plenty of jars on hand. Practical! :)

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Eco Straw World

I’m a straw girl. Yes I know, straws are so bad for the environment — 15 minutes use and then pops into the junk for years and years. I just get cold sores so easily with cans and all!

But I finally found THE solution for the rest of my life: Straws by Carli.

Handmade glass straws, from out of locally bought borosilicate glass (that’s the same glass as the known Pyrex), and hear it people: Garanteed for LIFE! With normal use, of course. Yep, that means: broke one? You get a replacement!

I think I’m going to buy some right now, and then make me a little linen pouch to carry one around when I get outside and order a soft drink for lunch!


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