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} My Indoor Gardening

My plants taking basically a third of my dining table…

My avocado tree, I started it from the pit (pretty proud!).

It’s down right mid-winter and I miss gardening outside already. Sheesh!

To compensate, I’ve been tending to my indoor plants. This is a somewhat new skill I’m trying to acquire, since I’ve always been much better tending for outdoor greenery (veggies and herbs mostly). I have no idea why, but that always seemed much easier to me.

“Haworthia Attenuata” and “Haworthia Cooperi”.

My “Moon Valley” plant, when I first got it 2 years ago. Look at it now, in the 1st picture!

Some I have quite mastered, as far as caring for them goes. My avocado tree (started it from the pit) is looking quite good (altho it’s having falling leaves issues right now, but I’m guessing it’s only because of the winter season). My two “Haworthias” are growing slowly but surely. All my succulents are going crazy… And my “Moon Valley” plant is actually growing way too much, making it sparse… I will have to do cuttings soon and start another one to replace it.

Out of control “Baby Tears” plant (porcelain planter I made in a class).

Others seem to just not want to cooperate… My friend Paule gave me (not once, but twice) cuttings from her “Elephant’s Food” plant, and both times they died on me… Now, I did a bit a of research on how to deal with those cuttings, hopefully next time I’ll get the hang of it! Also, my “Baby Tears” plant is a bit out of control, I will need to learn to trim it properly…

“Spider” plant & terrarium by Crown Flora.

Air plant and moss, a terrarium by Crown Flora.

Also, I recently purchased a terrarium, in a beautiful drop shaped glass globe, from Crown Flora. Paired with a “Spider” plant (made that ceramic pot in a pottery class!), and with added chains and metal links, it makes for a beautiful floating duo I think!

As you can see in the picture below (don’t mind the mess to the right, I have a work-supplies-storage-issue…), I kinda need to hide the cat litter box in some kind of way in that corner… Not quite the most beautiful thing to look at, to say the least! I was thinking of a plant ladder, but it’s going to be hard to find one larger in the bottom that the box, without a step on the bottom, and also, one that won’t crowd my hanging planters on top either… Any ideas for me perhaps?

That’s that for my home’s small indoor gardening tour! :)




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} Tiny Terrains

With this unusual weather (30 degrees celcius (86F) in Montreal today?) for March, it’s giving me the green itch. I feel like gardening and all, which is obviously too quick of a move.

However, I can always indulge in a little green lust with Tiny Terrains. Lovely glass globes contain cute little worlds of moss, rocks, branches, sand, seashells!

Now, if you are outside of the US, because of some laws, living plants are not shippable… But perhaps you could always order the rest of the piece and add your own moss. Just sayin’. ;)

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} Score+Solder

A friend had shared this on Facebook, and I fell in love instantly!

Handmade glass terrariums, check!
Geometric shapes, check!
Fabulously dreamy example photos, CHECK!

Score+Solder definitely knows how to entice me.
Even just with their logo (which is perfect).

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LBRANDterraria offers these wonderful glass globes featuring air plants, moss, rocks, sand, figurines!

Beautiful little modern worlds you can get your thoughts lost into as you gaze for hours! Just perfect since winter is lurking around the corner and green will become white… Here in Montreal anyway! :)

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My First Terrariums

Moss Terrariums {First EVER!}

Moss Terrarium {01}

Moss Terrarium {03}

2 weeks ago I decided to try out making some terrariums after a weekend in the woods! I collected a few moss types and the next day I tryed it out in old jelly jars with the help of a few tutorials I found on the Web.

Now 2 weeks later, they are still in good shape! I’m not sure if they’ll hold on tight forever or what, but it’s a good sign as of now.

With that said, I kinda got obsessed, and I’m thinking I’m going to try to make more to offer some in upcoming shows in October and on holidays in Montreal — hopefully, if I get accepted –.

I browsed around Etsy a bit to find items I could add to them — for the big ones — to make them like little unique worlds, and I found these items that I just adore!!

Some handmade picket fencing. How much cuter can it get?

It can with some cute little farm animals, of course!

What you think? :)


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Terrarium for sale

I found myself not able to stop putting pictures in here for this post! I just love terrariums, they seem so pretty and peaceful and from simply another world.

I’m planning on doing some terrariums for myself soon (try to, at the very least), with moss, in tiny glass candle jars (I’m addicted to ajscountrycottage‘s candles!! They actually smell a lot (love that!) and she has many fruity scents (I prefer fruity!)). The little jars are perfect for tiny worlds! Plus, I don’t want to reuse them only for bead storage, they are too cute (lol!).

With that said, if you don’t wanna try it yourself, but want a precious greenery, have a look at TheOakLeaves‘ shop! She offers plenty of already stable terrariums (a few months old), all tiny and all mossy. She has sold 12 of them in 2 months, so go choose yours now!

(The shop indicates shipping to the US only, but perhaps by asking it could be done in Canada? Try it, we never know!)

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