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} Dominique’s Thread

As a stitcher, I’m always on the lookout for fellow thread artisans, since I think it’s an underestimated material in creative fields in general.

You probably remember as a kid playing with thread, whether it be making friendship bracelets, or enrolling the precious threads around nails that your father had knocked into a piece of wood in a circle.

Well, Dominique Falla takes this idea to a whole other level, using typography and phrases to convey her art. Just awesome. Period.

} Via Anthology Mag’s Blog


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} Q en Bleu

Katerina of Q en Bleu offers the most awesome paper products I’ve seen in awhile! Perhaps because it features thread and stitching? It would make sense of why I’m in love with everything!

Most items offered are cards, but seriously, these make for perfect wall art in frames! Go get a bunch of ’em, tiger! :)


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Some Love for the Thread

Knit and Sew, by linnphotography.

This week has been slow, I know! Quite busy… with thread! :)

I just love thread. Love working with it, and looking at it and photographing it. It’s just pretty!!

Fiber Cuff No.410, by Kjoo.

Silk Stone, by JiaStyle.

Colors v.2 ACEO, by Glasfaden.

Embroidered Ring, by NectarJewelry.

Guardian, by Selflesh.

Where it is, by kbean.

Threaded Bangle, by SnipSnap.

A Stitch in Time print, by InkandLight.


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Handmade Xmas

YAY! My first Christmas tag cards are in my NeaBlossoms shop! Plus, they are promoting handmade for Xmas, too!

They are of course printed on 100% recycled paper, and they can be made with any holiday sentence you’d like, just contact me! :)

Let me know what you think! I hope you like them!!


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