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} Giles Miller

Giles Miller makes new of the classic tile. Paired with different materials and shapes, it can make for an awesome creative mosaic. The results of playing with shapes and light has never been so fun to look at!

I’m tempted to tag this “art”, and not “decor”…! Ah, why the hell not. :)

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Wall Tiles

Why go classic with a frame in the living room, when you can go unique with handmade wall tiles!?

Bulge tiles, 10$ each by upintheairsomewhere

Ceramix wall box, $50 each by courtneymurphy

Porcelain wall tags, $16 each by oneblackbird

Wooden art wall block, $25 each by suzannaanna.

Ceramic house tiles, $30 for 3 by coloradoartstudio.

Baby face tile, $32 each by SusanKniffinDavidson

Ceramic wall tile, $25 each by DAHceramics

Reef micro tile, $45 each by elementclaystudio

Rectangle ivory ceramic tile, $190 each by kiefferceramics


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