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} Chocolate Creative

Chocolate Creative is a small shop offering stunning and carefully chosen handmade products. From awesome landscape cushions to graphic chair prints! How about those knobs, right!?

All items are also made either in the UK or Spain!

Via }  Design*Sponge

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This trim is just too HOT!

New Etsy seller AmandaSainsbury (4 days old shop!) spends hours in front of her machine, in the UK, to match up colors to create wonderful knitted pieces. It all results into wonderful super-textured items, and what about those gorgeous pictures, right?! Hard to resist!!


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Stack’em up!

At Soop‘s Etsy shop (UK), you’ll find a fun ring heaven! Made out of acrylic, in plenty of shiny or frosted colors, these nature animals and trees let you create you own little world. It’s at your fingertips!

I ordered a few yesterday. I can’t wait to make my own tree, white sheep and pink pig forest! lol

Also visit their website for some other wonderful product designs. They are soop-er cool! :)


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