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} A Friendly Valentines


Well, I’m single. It’s Valentines day.

And even tho my dream relationship wouldn’t actually have to celebrate it (yeah.), and since this “holiday” is all in our faces today, I thought I’d notice it positively with some friendship love!

Friendship (all kinds, from close to afar, from everyday to sporadic) is totally the most important thing is my life. :)

So! Here is what (some of – can’t put everyyyyoneeee! lol) my great creative friends are up to these days!


Noémie, aka Noemiah, never ceases to amaze me in general, but especially these past few months with her recent new creations featuring wonderful texture mixes, from feather as well as with brass and cord. <3

Paule has been blogging her heart out recently! As loving and giving as she is, it’s not surprising that she is offering free desktop calendars over there! Go back every month and beautify your ‘puter! <3

Guylaine, aka Tomate d’épingles, is always finding new creative ways of recycling everyone’s trash, like these commercial printer materials turned into fashionably cool earrings! <3

Tamara, aka ThisIlk, is the lace queen! She’s recently been intertwining her favorite material with tons of metals, making it an even more super edgy combo! <3

Mélanie, the sterling silver expert, has been exploring a lot with brass lately! I’m totally a brass fan, hence, I going totally crazy each time I see her sporting a new brass piece. Truly. <3



Martin, aka Mastereiz, officially launched his first CD! For any trip hop, electronic or ambiant music fans, it’s worth look and a buy on Bandcamp! <3

Alex, aka at.images, has been working hard on growing his photography business and finding his niche. He truly excels in portraits and lighting, and you should totally treat yourself to a session! <3

Pierre is a music fanatic, and can be seen front row shooting dozens of shows every year. I’m a total fan of his urban-Montreal-scene pictures, gotta say. He recently redesigned his whole website, also adding a blog, and I’m totally impressed by it. (Also, he’s offering 20% off prints, and 30% off any portrait/headshot session, both until the end of February!) <3



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Hearts Are Hot

Pure, photographic print, by Jennifer Squires.

Ok so you’ve guessed it, i’m not the only one going all heartsy in they work! Yes we are invaded, but know what? I much prefer love symbols all over than any other negative symbol! Make love not war. lol

Here’s a few very nice finds I dug out for y’all today :) Click on pictures to see more!


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Got a Valentine?

Oh sure, it’s not Valentines yet, BUT with shipping delays and all, it’s now time to shop for that perfect I-Love-You gift!

So I’ve been creative the past few weeks making some sweet items for the occasion and adding them to my Shop! Hearts are flowing of course, but also just pinks and purples and more lovely color combos :) I really hope you’ll love them! Let me know what you think ;)

And if you are single, that’s not sad at all, you can treat yourself! Cause we’re the most important love of our own lives!


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