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} Chalkboard Awesome

The way I see it, Dana Tanamachi is a mix between a graphic designer and a typographer, but she is also an artist. Chalk is her weapon of choice, and patience is her asset.

Chalkboard and window display artists used to rule the retail world, and it’s clearly a lost art that Dana excels in! It’s also really great to see her work the process! Also check out some videos, here on Vimeo!

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} iluxo

I have this small parcel of wall in my living room, and I didn’t want a clock to go there (altho it seems like a logical spot for a clock to pretty much anyone but me, I don’t really want time there…). Or do I…?

Loving these designed clocks by iluxo! Hum… Maybe I should change my mind on the idea I have for that wall…! ;)

Also check out their shop for necklaces! The 3D Polaroid one is just too awesome!!

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Oh My &

I don’t know if it’s the future moving out that’s doing this, but I’m really into prints and decor these days! My Etsy faves are flowing with decor pieces and furniture and prints and art and vintage lovelies!

I’ve never really decorated any apartment I’ve been in since I moved out from my parent’s place, thinking I wouldn’t stay there for a long time, since it wasn’t really nice places or decor worthy… When I move this year, I’m going to remedy that this time, for sure, wherever I end up. I really need a HOME, a sanctuary, a special reassuring place, a cocoon, a whatever you wanna call it, not just a place to live!


Really loving this little Quebec shop I discovered today, Oh My Ampersand. Simple interesting quotes and designs that make me want to get the whole collection!

Oh, and I couldn’t resist buying this little vintage metal apple from SevenBC‘s shop. Too cute, right? It’ll look great in my future new place. ;)


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When I pull out something from the garden, I always look at the roots (or what’s left of them). They are really pretty!

Square Root Industries out in Portland realized this too and decided to make great pieces based on the thing, whether it be for wall hangings or to bring dinning room tables into the artistic world! Why should a table be…well, only a table!

Like the idea but prefer playing designer? No problem! They can customize your piece with YOUR design!


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Classy Taxidermy

Who knew taxidermy could be so classy?

I just fell in LOOOOVE with these today while stumbling on Melissa Dixson‘s shop! Mixing antlers on wood plaques with fabrics and textures and colors, how pretty and cool!!

Would like a more minimalist option? Go for the skulls!


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Floating Bunnies

What’s cuter than Easter bunnies? Bunnies on your wall for you to enjoy everyday!

At Mary Beth‘s, find these cuties to hang you necklaces or just to enjoy as a wall mount! Plenty of colors and styles, shop along!  :)


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I’ve always had this problem of getting caught up into what I’m doing, the every day life, and not think about stuff – the future, current situation, life. So I NEED this Think sign!

Made from recycled plywood by William Dohman, this would be a stylish way to keep in check!

Also find other words like Read, Grow and Breathe, you can also have one custom made to the word of your choice.

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Decor Cubes

Directly form Germany but born in the the US, Stephanie Levy creates these wonderful art cubes called Trendfarben to display on your walls. They feature some of her work in illustration and collage about home decor to create beautiful… Well, decor pieces. Decor on decor, love it! ;)

Each one is unique and now on sale, as I write this, at $99 US a piece!


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Elly Nelly

I am totally in love with these affordable prints from Elly Nelly Prints! The motifs, textures and colors are just beautiful and intriguing! They will liven up any living room, for sure!

You may know about Elly Nelly’s other shop already, where they offers vinyl decals that are Oh-So-Hot!


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Wall Tiles

Why go classic with a frame in the living room, when you can go unique with handmade wall tiles!?

Bulge tiles, 10$ each by upintheairsomewhere

Ceramix wall box, $50 each by courtneymurphy

Porcelain wall tags, $16 each by oneblackbird

Wooden art wall block, $25 each by suzannaanna.

Ceramic house tiles, $30 for 3 by coloradoartstudio.

Baby face tile, $32 each by SusanKniffinDavidson

Ceramic wall tile, $25 each by DAHceramics

Reef micro tile, $45 each by elementclaystudio

Rectangle ivory ceramic tile, $190 each by kiefferceramics


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Here’s a limited edition print by sfettingis, size 30″x8″, a printed replica of an urban mural Sandra Fettingis actually painted in Chicago entirely made of dots.
I adore this idea of a super large poster on a wall, what a wonderful graphic statement for the office! Love!


Voici un imprimé en édition limitée par sfettingis, grandeur 30x8po, une réplique d’une oeuvre que Sandra Fettingis a vraiment peinturé à Chicago qui est entièrement créée de ronds.
J’adore l’idée d’un poster géant sur un mur! Une affirmation graphique sublime pour le bureau!

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