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} Handarbete

I’ve been exploring some weaving in the past week! But you’ll have to be patient before seeing something concrete (unless you follow me on Instagram, then you might have already seen some teasers go by). I’ve had my vintage table weaver (Heddle loom) for like 5 years, just didn’t actually try it much before now.

Weaving definitely requires much patience, and also some planning beforehand, which makes me think of it a lot like my cross-stitch process, altho is it seen as a skill belonging in the knitting family.

That said, I’ve also been looking around to see other people’s skills in the matter, hence how I found out Handarbete (meaning “handicraft” in Swedish, love the name!). Wow.

Satoko Pettersson‘s skills and madly consistent and beautiful, and her color combinations are flawless. Her simple yet impactful patterns are also just a joy to look at. Totally yearning for a scarf now! :)


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} The Royal

Braiding and macramé makes a comeback! Oh, how many hours I’ve spent as a 90s teen making complex designs on friendship bracelets! Those were the days… ;)

The Royal takes this idea to the new century with super-sized braiding fashion and accessories, as well as braid inspired block prints on garments. A great idea!!


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} Avalanche Looms

Handweaving is one of the skills that intrigues me the most. Mainly for the texture it creates, but also just for the sheer patience these artisans have in making their pieces. Geez! I have a table loom and have never actually used it. Hum… *brain activity* lol! Anyway.

Susan of Avalanche Looms definitely has the skills needed to do this right on her antique Norwegian barn loom. Color combos and texture LOVE!

Also, fun fact: the name “Avalanche” comes from the name of the town in Wisconsin where she lives. Population: 24! Yep, twenty four souls. hehe ;)


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} Galinanova

How often do you hear about weaving, right? Not enough, if I dare say so!

I have loved weaving for a few years now (I even bought a table loom that I never truly got  around to play with yet…), and this skill impressed me a lot. For the patience it requires (woah!) as well as the skill when you think about pattern making.

Plus, let’s state the unfortunate truth: the ratio of time and craftsmanship it takes to weave VS the amount most people will pay for weaving is pretty much down the gutter, along with other skills like knitting and pottery. Sigh!

That said, Galinanova‘s work (she’s been working in collaboration with artisans from Sardinia (an autonomous region of Italy), which has a very rich and historic weaving tradition) is absolutely blowing my mind, and it’s SO WORTH THE LOOK.

Gives me shivers. So so so so so wonderful and beautiful!

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