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Polite Replies

  • When someone emails, I respond. I will probably send the last email out of us both, just to thank you more.
  • When someone sends me an Etsy convo, I respond. My last reply will probably be “Thanks to YOU!”.
  • When I make a sale, I send a thank you email.
  • When I get a comment on a blog post, I respond something back. So, almost 50% of the comments under my blog posts are my own.
  • When I get a comment on a Flickr photo, I say thanks. So, almost 50% of the comments under my photos are my own.
  • When I get off MSN, I say bye first to the people I was chatting with.
  • In almost all those replies, I type at least one ” :) ” and one ” ! ” …

And when other don’t do the same, it sometimes makes me sad, mad, annoyed…

I have been surfing the Web, chatting and having a virtual life for… Hum… Exactly half of my life, 13 years.
It has been part of who I am for a while now.

Am I overly virtually friendly?
Am I virtually annoying?
Am I virtually weird????? lol


Up there is the most recent Apple keyboard… Ahhh, I dream about not cleaning a keyboard ever again! lol!

Bye! :) (<— See, it’s true!!)



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Rose and Radish


The Rose and Radish Store always has some of the freshes items around the Web, from ceramics to paper items up to wood lovin’ and furniture! They just added some new awesome pieces, check it out!

*** You can also find Canadian Jacqueline Dufresne‘s knitted apple and pear protectors in her Etsy shop! Aren’t those the cutest things EVER!?

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Pimp My Pixels

Pimp My Pixels - laMiky 2

Pimp My Pixels - powerpig

Pimp My Pixels - laMiky

I recently discovered this wonderful – and TOTALLY addictive for anyone knowing Photoshop – Flickr group called Pimp My Pixels.

In a nutshell, people join the group and offer up some photos for modification, and others pimp it!

Here are a few I did!
Click on them and you will find a link to the original pic to compare and also a link to what others have done with the same photograph!

What do you think?

I have to say I am addicted now, and it’s really fun to work with Photoshop without the daily work’s pressure! Try it! :)

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Une découverte en primeur en ce mercredi! Disons… hihi
L’annonce est tout droit venue de mon programmeur expert en Flash, si merveilleux avec moi, nommé Charles Kalos, alias Cekadev, qui vient de lancer son nouveau produit, Monfolio.ca!

Il s’agit d’un module Flash pour portfolios (artistes, designers, photographes, mannequins, etc.) dont vous pouvez totalement prendre contrôle côté images, textes, photos, menus et sous-menus de façon rapide et facile!

De plus, suivez vos statistiques efficacement avec Google Analytics qui vous permet de traquer les visites sur toutes vos pages principales et secondaires.

Le tout pensé et conçu ici même, au Québec! À voir!! :)

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{ Blog of the week } Kris’s Color Stripes

Blog } Kris’s Color Stripes

I like } Everything! Such an inpiring blog to follow daily… And mostly on Panic!-I-have-the-empty-paper-syndrome days! lol

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My Top20 Favorite Blogs

As promised, here’s my top 20 favorite and must-follow blogs!
Ok, I cheated, there are actually 25, but hey, it’s hard to be a blogger who loves blogs that love her too and who follows over 450 blogs! lol

They are presented in alphabetical order… There is NO WAY I could actually choose favorites in these! :)


} 3191

A wonderful photoblog from two women living 3191 miles apart. An inspiring daily delight!


} Anything Indie

Written by one of my favorite jewelry designers, Andrea, this blog brings you great handmade finds you will love to discover!


} Article

From French to English posts, all the best in sustainable and the eco-friendly world! Also the house of a brand I adore, Posch!


} At Home with Kim Vallee

This fellow Montrealer holds a wonderful blog about everything concerning the home: from recipes to housewares, get inspired and better your own home!


} BB-Blog

Beautifully designed objects you will find on this blog! Every new item is better than the one before!


} Bientôt Demain (French only)

Avec beaucoup d’images, vous ferez énormément de découvertes toutes fraîches d’artistes de partout dans le monde. Ce blogue vaut vraiment le détour!


} Creator Blogs

Sometimes you just love an artist’s work and you want to know first what’s new in their shop or in their daily life! And their personal blogs, mostly featuring their work, is a good way to know about that stuff!

Here are a few of my favorites of those!

Kirin Notebook
Shim and Sons
A Katsai View
Auntie Cookie


} Cuteable

Constant fresh and fabulous indie finds to keep you updated on the wonderful DIY (Do It Yourself) world.


} Desire to Inspire

Love architecture and interior design? This is THE blog to follow! Many daily posts with all styles covered, from the most kitsch rooms you will ever see, up to the most contemporary ones too!


} Design*Sponge

THE all-around design blog. “THE” with caps, for sure!
If you don’t follow it already: where have you been all this time? Hop on over there!


} Headquarters Galerie & Boutique

I sell my jewelry at only one bricks and mortar store for now, and it’s at Headquarter in Montreal! So I love following their blog: I get updates of what’s new in their fab shop, I discover new creators (from Quebec as well as all over the world), and I hear about many other great infos for any DIY lover!


} Les vieux garçons (French only)

Vous voulez arrêter un peu et vivre plus de rires dans vos semaines hyper occupés? Suivez le blogue de deux gars dans la mi-vingtaine, accros de télévision et de restos qui livrent! Des fou rires, des rires et des sourires garantis!


} Love Made Visible

Some of my most loved indie finds I have discovered on this blog! It’s a keeper, for ever and ever!


} Modish

THE fashion blog! From clothing to accessories, if you love unique fashion finds, with a lot of handmade too, this is the blog to follow.
It is also the place to be to get updates on new goodies at Modishoppe.


} Oeil pour oeil (French only)

Mon blogue préféré pour une dose de design graphique d’ici! Le tout proposé par la SDGQ.


} Oh Joy!

What Joy likes, I like. Plain simple!
Joy is also the woman behind Nantaka Joy where you will find fabulous paper items.


} Paper Shop Ink.

Paper lovin’, all the way!! So much inspiring items all the time, this blog is one of my favorite latest discoveries!


} She’s a Betty

For a daily dose of shopping on Etsy, Ebay and for vintage finds, this blog is it!


} Simply Breakfast

This blog has renewed my relationship with breakfast! I’d almost never eat breakfast, and since I found out about this blog and it’s gorgeous photos, I’ve been eating more breakfasts in the last months than the year before that altogether!


} The Storque

Etsy‘s contant online feed! As an Etsy seller, it’s a must! Get informed the site improvements, learn about free online workshops in the Virtual Labs, discover great new handmade sellers and goodies, know beforehand when are craft shows and learn what Etsy Teams are up to! It’s ALL there!


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Blog Bumper Stickers

How fun! Free blog bumper stickers!

Funny, nicely made: to put on your sidebar :)

Via } BB-Blog

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Ecolect.net, une communauté pour découvrir (et savoir où acheter) des matériaux respectueux de l’environnement et durable, vient d’être lancé! Peu de contenu pour le moment, mais gageons que ça grossira rapidement comme site!

Ecolect.net, a community to learn more about (and know where to buy) sustainable materials, just got launched! Not a lot of information for the moment, but let’s bet it’ll grow real fast!

Via } Swissmiss


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435 blogs to follow… and counting!

No wonder I feel overwhelmed when I open my RSS Feed tracker, NetNewsWire Lite!! (the Lite version is free)

I am currently following 435 (!!!!) blogs… On an average week day, there is more than 500 news posts… Ok, I admit it, I do not READ everything, far from it, actually! I kinda browse thru them, with the oh-so-helpful “Next Unread” button.

Sad to say, but most posts with no picture get the boot… I like pictures, it’s what draws me in! They announce the topic ahead, and if I’m interested by that, I read on… If not, then I pass. That’s one of the reasons I make sure I have a least one picture in every post… Unless I do not really want to be read! lol!

Sometimes I do feel guilty for treating some posts and some blogs the way I do :(, but with 435 blogs to follow, I kinda have to, or else I’ll get even more buried in my Web life! lol

And yes I do have my favorite blogs that I check immediately once I open the application and have no time to check out everything right that moment…

So I think I’ll make a Top 10… Or a Top 20, of my favorites blogs! Would y’all like that?

With that said, RSS Feed is my savior…! I can’t imagine my life without it! lol ;)


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Bloggers, unite!

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

This is TODAY!! Participate everyone, even if you do not want to register, just talk about it on your blog today! :)

My post shortly :)

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{ Blog of the week } Cuteable

Blog } Cuteable

I like } Constant everyday all-day awesome indie finds, and loving the blog round-ups called Clinks (Cute + Links)!


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Trop d’imagination

Ubisoft lance sa superbe campagne accrocheuse tropdimagination.ca afin de recruter plus d’une centaine de nouveaux talents en création et programmation!

Stratégie marketing et placement web: SELF
Design graphique: Varial

* J’en profite pour dire un petit coucou à mon p’tit frère qui travaille officiellement chez Ubi depuis quelques semaines, après quelques stages aux filiales de Montréal et Québec! :) -xx-

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Most. Perfect. Shoes. Ever.

Most. Perfect. Shoes. Ever.

Yesterday was the first day of fall. And even if I’ve been really nice about buying shoes this summer, as I talked about it a few days ago, a new season wipes the board clean (or so I tell myself…)! lol!

So, last night I was wandering on Montreal’s St-Denis street with Sandy, just walking, talking lots, visiting bead shops (a tradition!) and used books and cd stores (finally got Maroon5’s and Joss Stone’s latest CDs!), when we stopped to look at the window of Renée Levesque’s jewelry shop.

And BAM! There they were, in the next door’s shop window, the Most. Perfect. Shoes. Ever. !! Some awesome comfy brown everyday flats from Bamboo, with a piqué pattern looking just like a bag, and a little *bling* chain for the jeweler in me! My name was written on them! And at only 50 bucks, how could I resist!!

So there, fall season is starting nicely with a perfect-weather-somewhat-busy Montreal night, with a perfect best friend to walk around, and the perfect fall shoes! :P

Talking about Bamboo, they have many great styles of shoes & boots , check these out available from online store CutesyGirl (they ship international!).


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Blueprint flashback

Missed the first issue of Blueprint magazine? Worry not!

You can now check it out online HERE! :)

Need more Blueprint in your daily life? Check out the Bluelines blog!

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Nea on FreshlyBlended!

Nea has been featured this week on the FreshlyBlended blog! You can see it here!

FreshlyBlendedPress is run by the friendly Nicole, who does some amazing paper items! Check out her shop!

Nea a été mentionné cette semaine sur le FreshlyBlended blog! À voir ici!

FreshlyBlendedPress est dirigé par la sympatique Nicole, qui crée de fabuleux items papier! Visitez sa boutique!

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