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Yum for your Tum

It’s been cold in Montreal for a few weeks now already (with the exception of last weekend!). In winter, we get it harsh and sometimes it’s so cold it pinches the face.

But the best moments are when you come running inside from your bus stop and feel the heat unfreezing you, such a relief!

In those moments, what’s best is a warm blanket and some hot cocoa.

For that, you should check out TetonCocoaCompany. All those yummy flavors will make you drool! :)


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Weekend of Numbers

Hiding from winter

Lovin’ my Spratter & Jayne neckwarmer!!

What a wonderful weekend I just had!! I went skating with my boyfriend at Mount-Royal, and thanks to his steady arm and his 2-3 nights a week of hockey playing experience, I didn’t even fall once (had not skated in something like 15 years before that!). I always prefered Winter to Summer (used to be my favorite season, when I snowboarded), even tho now I like Fall and Spring the most. But this was a really nice Winter moment :)

Anyway, this weekend was also great because: my virtual life hit 2 milestones, too!

First, this blog hit the 200,000 visits mark!! YAY!! The 100,000 mark was in March 08, so let’s just say I’m really proud of that second half in less than a year! Thank you so much everyone!! It’s means a lot that you are all sticking around!

And second, my Neawear Etsy Shop passed the 5000 shop hearts mark! That’s like at the very least 5000 people who taught my whole shop (and not just an item or two) deserved to be bookmarked! How hot is that right?? So, look out for more great handmade stuff I’m working on for 2009, ’cause I’m not stoping anytime soon! :)


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Never Enough Scarves

I love scarves, I wanna buy tons! They are the perfect accessory for almost half of the year here in the cold! :)

Here’s so more handmade suggestions that have lots of flare!


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