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} Atelier D

I truly adore Atelier D! (Even blogged about it before) It all has a sense of aesthetics that is SUCH my style! Plus, it’s from Montreal (hello, home!).

Jonathan’s material of choice is plywood but also acrylic, and he turns them into anything from clocks to pencil boxes to coasters. Inspired by the minimalist Swiss architecture movement, there is very much of a geometric aspect in his work, which I totally love as you probably can imagine.

Go check it out! :)



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} Chiaozza

How cool are these little shelves by Chiaozza! Works of art and precision in themselves, available in flashy colors, they would brighten up any room and be a great display for your little knick-knacks!

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} Boarding School

Like to doodle? Well, here’s Boarding School, a shop where you’ll find what you need.

Made from recycled or reclaimed wood, these sturdy books (also available as moleskine covers) are definitely an aesthetic statement, as well as a practical purchase! Have them size customized to your heart’s desires, too. :)

Plus, hellooooo perfect logo and branding.

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} WoodInk

*** Addition information, as of March 18, 2014.
This company has changed it’s name, but has also been a very negative experience for many buyers. I suggest you read more in the comments below.

Found out about these fabulous customizable cutting boards from WoodInk via Vanessa‘s (personnal) Facebook page. How wonderful!

From meat cuts to cutting grids to chevrons and more, at least one of these babies will pierce your heart and you’ll WANT IT NOW. For sure.


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} Patty Dear

Fall in love with tiny little geometric tree landscapes from Patty Dear! HOW CUTE ARE THESE!?! (Caps intended.)

Talk about unique decor treasures! Choose monochrome for a more “serious” look, or a colorful mix for a bit more fun! Basis are reclaimed wood planks, even better than awesome. ;)

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} Nicole Porter

Talk about flashy perfect color combos! Nicole Porter‘s wood vessels are turned from single planks, then painted and sealed with non-toxic film. Perfect fruit bowls or serving platters, yeah?

And those spoons could totally be hung on an art wall (seriously considering it…)! SO PRETTY! :)

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} Cold Creek

Wood items, I’m already a fan. Handmade wood items, I’m even more thrilled. These Cold Creek Brewing handmade wood items, I’m totally sold on!

From the wine barrel to the cooler, there’s also the HUGE wood buttons that are perfect to decorate (craft room, anyone?). Aren’t they just too cool for school, huh? :)


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} Sketch Inc

For Sketch Inc, animals are neon colored, and live in geometric worlds. Ends up being colorful, eye catching and great brooches, prints and interactive art blocks! Love it all!

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} Atelier-D

I recently visited 2 local design shows (SIDIM and HAUT&FORT) and found out about Atelier-D, aka Jonathan Dorthe.

He dabbles in furniture and accessories for the home, in wood, metal, plexi and fabric. You can actually see the thought put into every item offered… Just gorgeous!


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} Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb is taking wood to another level: wearable ties! (Bow ties also available)

AWESOMELY bringing back this sorta boring accessory.

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} Scotty Five Alive

I love how lettering is integrated in Scotty Five Alive‘s work! With wood or paper as a canvas, inspiring sentences or words are imperfectly portrayed, and that is what makes it all so irresistibly perfect.

Via } Bossy Femme

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} Silver Pine

Loving the little color touches on these Silver Pine Woodwork carved utensils and bowls! So simple, yet so special.

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} Teak Frenzy

This weekend, I went to a local (huge) interior flea market, and totally fell in love with this teak box. Turns out, seller was stubborn about price, so I left it there.

Since, I’ve been dreaming of vintage teak. Obviously, vintage teak furniture is not always as easy to find (and not as easy to handle for the wallet…), but you can still find your fix in smaller, more affordable, objects.

A quick search on Etsy had me find these awesome items… And I might just be crazy for showing them to you guys instead of buying them right now. Oh well! :)

Click on the photos to be taken to the shops selling these gems!

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} So Little Time

So Little Time is so my kind of handmade business. A couple hailing from Australia, working with different materials and mixing them all up to create such cute pieces at affordable prices! Wood, pain, thread!

Indulge people, indulge! :)

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} Blake Avenue

Ahhhh reclaimed wood, how I love you. Forever and ever.

The people at Blake Avenue surely has this exact same thought on a daily basis. Their wood is recovered from architecture that dates back 80 to 150 years and used to make long lasting stunning furniture pieces. Plus, when one says recycled, one also says unique one of’s.

Sure, you probably can’t afford a piece on a impulse purchase. But you can always dream, and even, plan a purchase for the future. :)

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