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} Celapiu

Two years ago, I found out about Celapiu from Poland. I was looking for mittens with a flap, and they seem to be quite hard to find on Etsy! But they had some, and so I bought some plum ones, which kept my fingers from freezing in the cold Montreal winters!

I fell on the shop again this week, and woah, they have so many new items offered! Loving everything! Everything is available in custom made colors, so don’t hesitate to ask! :)


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Made out of recycled lampshades and yarn, these bowls from Camilla Halvorsen, called Treat, are exactly that: a treat for the eyes!

The yarn used is called Mirasol Yarn, and each ball purchase helps supports the Mirasol Project. Yep, you can make your home look good AND help out communities in Peru at the same time!

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Plötulopi Yarn

TheIcelandicWool‘s Plötulopi yarn is so tempting!

It is a fragile unspun yarn made with Islandic wool, which is created from coarse and fine fibers. Comes in many yummy colors too, of course!


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Yarn Solution

Hey YOU, crafter!!
Ever knitted or crocheted?

You know when you knit and the ball of yarn just wont stay in place? Keeps falling on the ground as you pull the strand and then the cat gets all cat-like with it around the house? lol

Well, no more! I discovered yesterday that “yarn bowls” exist! Where was I?! Check these out ;)

This fab stoneware bowl is the first one I found, and it features 2 options to run your thread in. Plus, it’s so cute with it’s little “pig tail” swirl!

By FredParkerPottery, $35.

By LASdesigns, $12.

By potterknitter, $30.

By DancingDolphin, $24.


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Handmade Xmas

YAY! My first Christmas tag cards are in my NeaBlossoms shop! Plus, they are promoting handmade for Xmas, too!

They are of course printed on 100% recycled paper, and they can be made with any holiday sentence you’d like, just contact me! :)

Let me know what you think! I hope you like them!!


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Fuzzy bracelets


Perfect for the fall and winter, these wonderful cashmere or merino yarn covered bangles from Yarborough Jewelry are just the pieces to comfy your nights out! Each one is available in a few colors, and range from $40 to$187 on Shopbop.

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