{ a Photo a Day a Month } Flickr Group

Rox Rings

Potage de carottes

Felt Coaster

My Montréal Sunset

So, almost a month ago, I started a new Flickr group called { a Photo a Day a Month }.

Yep, you guessed it, the idea is to take one photo per day and post it in the pool! There are many 365 (366 this year) groups on Flickr, that do the same for a whole year. But a year to me seemed SOOOO scrary, so I thought the need for a month only challenge was there! And many people responded, I’m so happy!

Feb. is almost over, one day to go, and March will be starting, well, March 1st! I’m still wondering if I’ll go on for another month or not. It’s been a real challenge the last few days, let me tell ya! It looks much more easy than it really is – which makes me wonder how those 366 days people do it!

So, go lurk around the photo pool, and join the fun this Saturday for whole new one! :)

* Up there are some of my favorite shots from MY month of Feb.! Check them all out here.

** For people who don’t know about Flickr, it’s a wonderful place to show your photography and it’s free to create a basic account. No excuses! :)


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2 responses to “{ a Photo a Day a Month } Flickr Group

  1. Hey, it seems you have a new ring everytime I visit, I would love to see your collection :)

  2. Here you go :)

    Ring Tree

    We can’t see them really well, I agree, but it’s a start! lol :)

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