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} Carrot Top Pesto


Recently, I learned that carrot tops (or leaves, rather) are edible. Who knew! Well, obviously, I was left out in the dark on that one. lol!

And so I discovered that yummy fact on Cuisinette‘s blog, when she decided to do a pesto with it. OH MY! Had to try this asap! So a week later, I went to do the groceries, and to my surprise, there were carrots sold with the leaves as well (kind of a somewhat rare thing to see in regular grocery stores…), so I jumped on the occasion.


Once home, I washed them all up, cut the unleafy parts of the stems, and mixed that all up in the food processor with regular pesto ingredients: parmesan cheese, garlic, nuts (all I had were soya seeds, worked perfect!), lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper. Ah, and I also put in half of what was left of my parsley on the balcony. Autumn is just around the corner, after all, don’t wanna waste it! :)

Conclusion: it is DELICIOUS.

Plus, the green color won’t oxidize like the basil version, so if you like to take some pictures of your food like I do, it’s a winner!

Now, go try it. :P


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} Love & Olive Oil

Meyer Lemon Macadamia Nut Tart

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Pan-Fried Goat Cheese and Pomegranate

Butternut Squash Risotto with Pine Nuts, Balsamic Drizzle, and Fried Sage

Arugula Pistachio Pesto 

Love & Olive Oil is the blog of Lindsay and Taylor, a regular couple crazy in love with cooking.  They offer their readers recipe ideas and gorgeous eye feasts – stunning pictures.

To add to that, they have 2 small businesses to run, just launched a book called Breakfast for Dinner, and started challenging themselves in the cooking department as well (it’s always easy to stay in one’s comfort zone, ain’t it?). Busy couple!

SO MUCH to browse, go crazy! :P

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} WoodInk

*** Addition information, as of March 18, 2014.
This company has changed it’s name, but has also been a very negative experience for many buyers. I suggest you read more in the comments below.

Found out about these fabulous customizable cutting boards from WoodInk via Vanessa‘s (personnal) Facebook page. How wonderful!

From meat cuts to cutting grids to chevrons and more, at least one of these babies will pierce your heart and you’ll WANT IT NOW. For sure.


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} Crusty Bread: Apple & Cheddar & Bacon

* Si vous préfèrez une version française, par ici!

First of all, let’s all please notice that this month’s recipe doesn’t have a single trace of fish in it. MIRACLES! :D

Second of all, you’re probably thinking that you can’t make this bread. Let me stop you right there, wo/man.

I have been telling myself for years now that I would love to be able to make homemade bread, but all the kneading and stuff had me convinced it was basically impossible without training of some sort. Turns out, I was completely wrong. More wrong than that and you’re in the gutter.

This recipe is a VERY EASY one, a VERY FORGIVABLE one, and a VERY FLEXIBLE one, too. Meaning: you WILL be able to do it and you WILL be able to do a different flavor, if this one is not to your taste.

Let me just specify that the basic recipe of this bread is not my creation. I found it here. The apple/cheddar/bacon part is my idea, tho!

Ready? :)

1- In a bowl (choose a size making sure that there is space for the mixture to “grow”), mix together 3 cups of flour, 1 3/4 teaspoon of salt, and 1/2 teaspoon of yeast. (I use regular active dry yeast, but the woman on that other blog post used instant yeast. Anything works, truly!)

* If you want to do a plain (no flavor) bread, skip steps 2 and 3.
** Alternatively, if you want to do another flavor than the one I am suggesting, now is the time to get creative!

2- Grate your cheddar, cut your apple (without skin) in small cubes, cook your bacon and cut in small pieces. Everything is per your taste, don’t worry too much about quantities. Again, it is a very forgivable recipe.

3- Mix them with your previous dry ingredients.

4- Add 1 1/2 cups of water. Mix well with a spatula, make sure everything is nicely blended. The result is a sticky mixture, as seen above.

5- Cover with plastic wrap. Let sit on the counter 12 to 18 (even 24) hours. This part is NOT flexible, tho. You MUST let it sit out 12 hours minimum. So, you will indeed need to plan ahead for this recipe, because of the waiting time.

After step 5, it will look like this next picture.

Now, 12 hours (or more) later, it’s baking time!

You will need an oven resistant cookware piece, with lid. I have this small Le Creuset one, but any pot with lid (that is resistant to 450degrees temperature, including the knob) will work. The idea is to sort of create an oven within an oven.

6- Put your pot (with the lid on) in the oven, and heat it at 450. Leave it in there for 30 minutes.

7- While it’s heating up, get a sheet of parchment paper. Kind of heavily, flour it.

8- Pour your dough on it. (Since my cast iron is pretty small, I literally cut the dough in half to bake in 2 separate breads, one after the other. Obviously, if you have a bigger one than mine, you can do it in one single loaf. Baking times are the same!)

9- Flour your hands, the mixture is very sticky! Then, just form a round shape. No kneading or nothing. Simple, huh? Cover your ball with plastic wrap while the oven is still heating.

10- Once the 30min of heating your pot is done, take it out, and take off the lid. Obviously, everything is just SO HOT, so be careful! Then put your dough in, with the parchment paper (it wont burn). Again, don’t burn yourself, be careful!

11- Put the lid back on, and back in the oven for 30 minutes.

12- After 30 minutes, take everything out, and lift up the lid to discover the half baked bread, just like the picture above. Soooo pretty already, right?

13- Put back in the oven 15 minutes, without the lid.

14- THAT IS ALL, folks. Your yummy crusty bread will then be baked, and perfect. Grab the parchment paper, and take it out of the pot. Leave to rest and cool down.

Or eat it half cooled… Y’know, if you can’t resist, just like me. Haha!

I have SO MANY other flavor options in my head, it’s about to burst. Cranberries and orange zest? Mix of nuts? Herbal? Plus, I will definitively buy a bigger cast iron pot soon.

I’m already sold to this recipe. I CAN MAKE HOMEMADE BREAD. Oh my!

And now, so can YOU! :)


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} AMradio

So that I would be stuck on mobiles, it would have to be very contemporary looking. And that’s exactly what Melissa of AMradio does.

Made out of plastic straws (Hum hello!? Brilliant.) or in brass in some cases, she creates beautiful intricate geometric lightweight mobiles (or Xmas tree ornaments, or plant hangers) that’ll fit any modern decor.

Her shop also offers many awesome vintage finds, such as there rustic looking wooden crates.


While you’re at it, check out her husband John’s shop too, Urban Brewery, which offers small kits (with instructions, of course) for those who want to explore making their own beer! Pretty awesome!!


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} Pimped Miso Soup

* Si vous préfèrez une version française, par ici!

Hum. It seems as if I can’t get away from sea creatures again (and again) this month for the food column… Oh well, live with it. lol! ;)

This is SUCH a quick and easy recipe idea, believe me. I’ve literally made this in 10 minutes (besides pictures). Miso (fermented soybean paste) is very versatile, for soups, but also for marinades and even salad dressings. The classic soup, as you might know, is composed of just water, miso, wakame (seaweeds) and tofu.

Delicious as is, but once in a while I like to make a pimped (aka “deluxe”) version. This is it! :)

Bring water to heat in a pot, and once hot, dissolve your miso in it. You can put in some soya sauce too, if you would like it saltier. Then, add your cubed shrimps and wakame, since they both need to cook a little. Cut a couple of dices of tomatoes and add (this will add some zing! to the overall taste).

Make a little puree out of your fresh ginger (as per your taste), with a fine grate. I find this method to be a more tasteful result in a soup than if it’s minced with a knife. Add a bit of freshly squeezed lime juice (I used a quarter of a lime for one person portion, but go by your preference).

Scoop out your sweet peas from their shell (and if you’re like me, try not to eat them as is meanwhile… lol), and cut your avocado in cubes. Yep, avocado. Agreed, it sounds like a weird ingredient in a soup, but try it! You might just agree with me that it’s great! :)

These two last ingredients are to be added at the end only, when your soup is ready, since they do not need to cook, they just need warming up. There you go! Add a couple of cilantro leaves to top it off once served!

Obviously, feel free to leave out some things or replace if you feel like it. Shrimp could be tofu or scallops (or even salmon?) instead, wakame could be ramen noodles, sweet peas could be thinly sliced mushrooms… Go creative (or just empty that fridge of left over veggies)! :)



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} Nicole Porter

Talk about flashy perfect color combos! Nicole Porter‘s wood vessels are turned from single planks, then painted and sealed with non-toxic film. Perfect fruit bowls or serving platters, yeah?

And those spoons could totally be hung on an art wall (seriously considering it…)! SO PRETTY! :)

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