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} Flower Seed Paper

In the land of crafts, there are some classic materials that are usually part of everyone’s learning curve, such as ribbons. I myself, had some flirt sessions with the ethereal and soft quality of ribbons when I first started making and selling jewelry! See? (OMG how awful are those 3-out-of-4-homemade pictures! haha! Thank goodness I’ve improved on that over the years…)

Often times tho, they are put aside with time, as I did. It might be a real shame actually, especially for a texture lover like myself!

I recently stumbled upon Flower Seed Paper‘s shop, and got excited to see hand-dyed silk ribbons! I like how, by being handmade, they have way more of a richness of tints and hues and subtleties compared to their commercially tinted counterparts. Plus, it makes a one-of-a-kind for every piece of ribbon cut! And that’s always awesome in itself. :)


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} Zillpa

A simple enough utilitarian item, rope has been around every living souls for centuries. Making it current and with another purpose is quite more difficult, tho.

From Brisbane in Australia, Zillpa has done just that, delightfully. From bags to coasters and bowls, stitched in the color of your choice, rope can now take a new path and adorn your everyday life!

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} Handarbete

I’ve been exploring some weaving in the past week! But you’ll have to be patient before seeing something concrete (unless you follow me on Instagram, then you might have already seen some teasers go by). I’ve had my vintage table weaver (Heddle loom) for like 5 years, just didn’t actually try it much before now.

Weaving definitely requires much patience, and also some planning beforehand, which makes me think of it a lot like my cross-stitch process, altho is it seen as a skill belonging in the knitting family.

That said, I’ve also been looking around to see other people’s skills in the matter, hence how I found out Handarbete (meaning “handicraft” in Swedish, love the name!). Wow.

Satoko Pettersson‘s skills and madly consistent and beautiful, and her color combinations are flawless. Her simple yet impactful patterns are also just a joy to look at. Totally yearning for a scarf now! :)

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} Izziyana Suhaimi

Here we go: my soft spot for embroidery shows up again!

Izziyana Suhaimi does it all. She draws and paints aquarelle, and then she stitches on it all. What a beautiful combination of textuxes! I especially like the “collar” pieces in the Friends To Keep You Warm series! Just stunning!

} Via Design For Mankind

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} Felt Ahoy

I don’t usually blog about supplies for craft unless they are handmade, BUT this colorful argyle felt sheet sold by FabricsRus is just too cool to pass up!

They also sell plain color felts, lovely color choices! I love felt’s texture.

That’s all folks, get crafty! :D

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3yr Anniversary SALE at Nea!

UPDATE! I’m extending my SALE to the 23rd!!! Enjoy :D

3 years and counting!!

My Anniversary SALE is here and everything in my Neawear Etsy shop is at 15% off — even the Wall Wear!! — from August 15th to 21st.

Prices are already marked down to make it easier, so hop on over and shop ’til you drop! :D


PS: If you feel like blogging about it on your own blog, please do! It would be much appreciated!!
You can get the flyer here.


Oh I forgot to mention!

My friends over at Tomate d’epingles are having a huge 50% off sale for most of their items of their Summer09 collection! Check the Half Off Section! :D


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Zippered Laptop Sleeve, by byrdandbelle.

Sleeves for the laptop, that is! Way too hot for real ones. lol!

I’ve been considering getting an Acer Netbook (you know, those small laptop computers mostly for web browsing). I’ve been tied up to a computer box for always, and the thought of blogging or shopping on my balcony or in a wifi café or park just seems so liberating to me!

I haven’t decided for sure yet, but if I do, I soooo want a laptop sleeve!! Here are a few finds in that department! ;)

Fawn and Dotty Laptop Bag, by TrackandFielsDesigns.

Upcycled Coffee Bag Laptop Case, by labudde.

Crocheted Sleeve, by blackeyedsheep.

Laptop Sleeve, by sandrastju.

Laptop Envelope, by fernfiddlehead.

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Pimp your Dining Table

Recently I found out about 2 pretty recent shops offering wonderful placemats — something I haven’t used in years, actually!

They make me wanna remedy that!


Sarah Kusa

Featuring echos from nature, these cotton goodies will surely upgrade your dining table to it’s best!


Natsumi Nishizumi

Featuring wonderful organic looking dots in 3 great colors, these linen placemats are perfect for the subtle pop of color you need on your table!


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Flowah Powah

I’m not much of a faux-flower fan, I love my flowers and herbs real and smelly on my balcony each spring and summer. I like picking them out and potting them. And that some die while others bloom.

BUT! Having a cutie cat and him wanting to eat living things as soon as they come in, it can get dangerous if you don’t know all there is to know about poisoning plants for cats. Plus, I can’t seem to keep plants alive inside… Maybe my thumb turns green as a chemical reaction to the outdoors (can’t wait for spring to start my spot at the community garden for the 2nd year!).

So maybe the crocheted flowers by Suili (also known as Papercutdiecut, which I already blogged about here) are my safe and perfect solution, cause they are crafty cuuuuute! :)


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The lovely Janine from Uppercase Gallery asked me to be part of the new exhibition called s-t-i-t-c-h featuring 10 artists (all ladies, I must add) from all over Canada on the theme of, well, you’ve guessed it, needlework (sewing, embroidery, crochet, knitting). Of course, I had to say yes!!

For the occasion, I decided to whip up 2 new embroidery pieces (you can have a glimpse below)! I should make some for the shop soon, they got quite a warm welcome on My Flickr when I uploaded them last week!

So if you’re lucky and live in the Calgary, Alberta, area (#204, 100 – 7th Ave SW), hop on over there on the evening of March 5!

More S-t-i-t-c-h

S-t-i-t-c-h Exhibition


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You must have guessed that I love linen fabric by now. So Inklore‘s shop is basically pure torture for me. lol

Pouches, aprons, coasters, bags, table runners, name it! All hand printed, too!

If you haven’t met this shop before, just go.



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I found Maramiki on Etsy a few months back, and instantly fell in love with her hand-screenprinted fabrics!

And her items too, of course! Mostly pillow covers, but also pincushions and napkins, in blends of linen and cotton (some organic)!

So I spied (lol) and kept looking and wishing, when I finally decided to just go for it and buy a pack of remnants! What I received was a fabulous selection, exactly what I expected and wanted! Got me inspired instantly so yesterday I made this, below.

Nea + Maramiki = Perfect match! :)


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Got a Valentine?

Oh sure, it’s not Valentines yet, BUT with shipping delays and all, it’s now time to shop for that perfect I-Love-You gift!

So I’ve been creative the past few weeks making some sweet items for the occasion and adding them to my Shop! Hearts are flowing of course, but also just pinks and purples and more lovely color combos :) I really hope you’ll love them! Let me know what you think ;)

And if you are single, that’s not sad at all, you can treat yourself! Cause we’re the most important love of our own lives!


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Box Me Up

I am in total love with these cute little embroidered boxes by Papermode!

Wouldn’t the next small gift you offer look hot in this? :)


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Screenprinted Fabrics, Mate

“Handprinted Linen Fabric” by maramiki (Chicago), $40 a yard.

I’ve been looking around on Etsy for fresh screenprinted fabrics, just cause they are always so pretty and inspiring to look at!

Turns out A LOT of the designers I found are from Australia! (What’s up with that? Will anyone pleaseee provide me with a link to their screenprinting pimp?? lol)

Hawt stuff, right mate? :)

“Bird in Paradise” by umbrellaprints (Australia), $12 for 4 pieces of 15cm X 10cm.

“Handprinted Linen/Cotton Fabric” by maramiki (Chicago), $40 a yard.

“meadow” by summersville (UK), $6.50 for 9.5in x 14in.

“Warm Grey Concentric Arrow” by moyou (Australia), $15 half a meter.

“Nesting Tomato on Birch” by AuntyCookie (Australia), $22 half a meter.

“fabric remnants (doll faces) pack” by mikodesign (Netherlands), $15.

“Woodland” by ofpaperandthread (Australia), $13 half a meter.

“Big Pack no.2” by hollabee (Australia), $13.50 for 2 pieces of 50cm x 65cm.


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