Pill Poppin’

The Medicine Chest, by carriembecker.

So the Holiday rush seems kinda over, even tho I have to be productive in the next weeks to bring back the stock to a normal level to supply future orders and also shops!

But it’s good to catch a breath… Or is it?

Well not really… I’ve been pretty much in bed the last few days. Doctor’s verdict? Laryngitis, fever (at least that seems to have ended) and sinus problems. Plus it’s really hard to breathe normally & sleep well with all this. Gosh, really annoying!!!

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be back on my feet soon!

The good thing is, I can totally prepare blog posts while taking it easy on the couch. hehe ;)



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2 responses to “Pill Poppin’

  1. don’t we love winter ;)

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