} New Jewelry Preview

This weekend is Puces Pop Fall edition craft fair, and so I always try to create a few new items before it! Here’s a little preview for you all! Monochrome, metal, clean lines, sterling silver wires…

Items will go in my Etsy shop next week, if ever you’re not in Montreal this weekend :)

While I’m at it, one of my necklaces (Topo Necklace 1) was seen on TV this week, in the first episode of the season of La Galère. WOOHOO! Always a nice surprise!! :)



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2 responses to “} New Jewelry Preview

  1. Amazing! Does this mean you’re famous now? Can we make you an ‘As Seen on TV’ sign to wear as a pendant from one of your necklaces?! :)

  2. Hahaha! Funny girl!! :D

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