I love mags

I love mags! Not the car wheel things, the readable kind ones! Online mags, printed mags… and now I love PDF mags!

So much selection on the PDF-mags.com portal, from everywhere in the world, in many languages, so less paper and trees used (the earth will thank ya!), so much different styles and subjects… It’s like a mag-heaven!

Just download your seletion, and read! If you want to print it, do so! At least, it’s print on demand, which is also much better for mother earth than just printing tons! And if you do a mag, submit it!

One thing I think is missing: a search engine or some sort of screening tool! It would be great to be able to select mags from their language or the subjects they are about!

A few great finds:

I REALLY feel like doing a mag now! What you think? :)

Via } Vu d’ici



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2 responses to “I love mags

  1. That is very cool, who knew something like that existed?? (well besides you Janick…) It’s almost overwhelming how much there is on that site. I agree, a search engine or something would be nice.

  2. Well I actually found out about yesterday on Vu d’ici blog!
    Totally need that search engine! lol

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