2 years has come and gone

Tapestry Patch

Woah! I’ve missed mentioning this blog’s 2nd anniversary on the day of! It was Jan. 31st. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter!

In 2 years, the blog has made the switch of names between Blogue Fonetik and Creativadoration. It was basically a long process!

It started totally in French and called Fonetik for my graphic design company. I had no plan for the blog at the time, it was just a fun new thing to try out, so the same name as my company made sense! The posts were more about design at that time.

Then, slowly, the need to write in English came along to share my discoveries with more people. I did an English post here and there, most were bilingual. The blog’s visit count started going up. I was feeling a little like I was leaving out my French readers, the ones who started it all. So I did a survey, one in each language. And what came back was that my French readers would still read me if I wrote mostly in English, and the English speaking people were eager for more posts they could read. Since this is *my* blog, and *I* wanted to write in English (it kinda does come out of me more easily, weirdly enough), I thought I would do what I wanted on my own blog. So I did after that!

By that time, I had an Etsy store with handmade goodies and my handmade lovin’ was totally in the roof! The blog was (still is!) mostly in English but had some posts totally in French were popping once in a while (mostly about local events). The bilingual posts were (still are) almost instinct. I figured that the local talent I wanted to feature was to be seen and read from all my readers all over the world! Their talent was meant to be KNOWN too!!!

Recently, I realized the blog name Fonetik didn’t really make sense anymore. It was like Puma sneakers with a chic outfit (they both are great but not together! lol). So I searched my head for a new name and Creativadoration came along. My adoration for creativity came to mind, and I melted together the words to say exactly what my blog was about. It just was perfect! I thought about migrating the blog over to the corresponding WordPress URL for the new name, but then thought it wasn’t worth loosing all comments on posts and basically would change not much in the end.

With the new name came an INCREDIBLE new number of visits! People responded so well to it, I don’t know where they came from, but it was overwhelming! The content was exactly the same, but apparently the new name talked much more to people! Within a week, visits per week day were over 200! Even if I’m in the graphic design field, I never really thought about the name changing as a way to bring more people over. I should have known better, I learned all this in design school! lol

And now the blog is as you know it all! Mostly in English, sometimes in French. Between 200 and 325 visits per day on week days and over 150 on weekends. Over a total of 80,000 visits in two years (but with 21,000 spam blocked by Askimet (thankfully there’s Askimet!), perhaps that’s less than 60,000 true visits, which is still amazing!). Almost 500 posts. And around 900 comments, but that’s including mine, so I would say more than 500 from you all (lol, I reply a lot!).

I have fun writing this blog. I really do!

Thanks to you all for coming back and commenting and lovin’ it! :)



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8 responses to “2 years has come and gone

  1. félicitations janick!

    i also blog in english – i found out that most people read and speak french and english anyway. i think the most important thing is writing genuinely about what you do and also sharing with readers.

  2. Merci! :)

    Agreed, I think that’s the basic rule of blogging! :)

  3. cheers to your success Janick!

  4. Your blog is une mine d’or, full of idea, inspiration, I love it! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  5. Happy 2 year anniversary, Janick!

  6. Bon anniversaire et, surtout, bonne continuation! (Mais même si tout le monde dit Askimet, le nom exact est Akismet. Eux aussi devraient changer leur nom, depuis le temps que tout le monde le massacre… :)

  7. Thanks a lot girls!!

    Maryse- hahaha!!! Ben oui tu as raison!! Wow, je n’avais JAMAIS remarqué que je me trompais! Le cerveau fait de drôle de choses des fois! :) Merci!!

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